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    What Our Clients Think

    I've never had a spray tan before and this was a great experience. Christina is knowledgeable and professional. I'll be sure to return.

    Danielle T.

    I've had spray tans before, but they were streaky and blotchy. This one, however, was not. Plus, it lasted much longer than the others. Would recommend for sure!

    Mike M.

    I absolutely love my tan! It turned out beautiful and Christina is so professional! I would highly recommend it!

    Lindsey Y.

    Good quality product and application. Christina is amazing!

    Sharlie C.

    Christina sprayed my daughter who is quite hard to please. I am happy to say that immediately after she was finished, there was a big smile on Lauren’s face. The color was amazing and exactly what she wanted. Christina is the best and we definitely will be back!

    Kirstin H.

    Absolutely fabulous spray tanning! I need a spray tan for a wedding and wanted a test run. My tan is gorgeous, will last 7-10 days! There are several different tans to choose from sun kissed to a dark tropical tan. I choose a darker tan as my skin naturally tans easily. I was able to purchase a daily moisturizer to help my tan last a little longer. The process was easy and I felt comfortable the entire appointment. If you need a tan, I definitely recommend Beach Bum Spray Tans. I have found my new favorite place for spray tans!

    Amanda M.



    Stuff happens, and sometimes you need to cancel your appointment with us. We get it. If you need to cancel more than 24 hours before your appointment, just give us a call or shoot us a message letting us know. If you don’t let us know or have to cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, we take 50% of the appointment as a fee.



    *EXFOLIATE!!! Use an exfoliating brush or sugar exfoliating scrub to remove excess skin 48 and
    24 hours before your appointment. Use a clear/transparent gel soap (NO DOVE or milky looking
    bar soaps).
    *Come to your appointment with your hair up, clean face and dark/loose clothing to wear after the
    tan. Wearing loose clothing will help protect your tan. Do not wear any tight leggings or sports
    bras. These types of clothing will rub off your spray tan. Make sure to wear slides or flip flops, no
    closed toed shoes or strappy sandals.
    *Avoid using lotion, deodorant, perfume, oils or any moisturizers before your spray tan. These can
    prevent the solution from giving you a beautiful long lasting tan.
    *Shave/wax 24 hours BEFORE your appointment. Your pores need time to close and waxing or
    shaving too close to your appointment doesn't give pores time to close



    *Do not shower for at least 8 hours after spray tan (if you had a rapid spray tan you can shower
    after 2-4 hours). For your first shower, RINSE ONLY. No body washes or bar soaps.
    *Avoid working out for 24 hours
    *After your first shower make sure you pat dry, don't rub
    *If you have any concerns about your spray tan contact your spray tan technician
    *Use a natural soap and lotion. The chemicals in soap and lotion can change the color of your tan.
    Keeping your skin hydrated will extend the life of your tan and your tan will fade more evenly
    *Avoid mineral oil products in your moisturizer. Use products with aloe vera, coconut oil and shea
    *If you take care of your tan and keep your skin moisturized your tan will last for 7-10 days.
    Exfoliate your skin once your tan starts to fade.